Danlamp has produced incandescent lamps since 1931 and is the only remaining manufacturer of incandescent lamps in Denmark. The original name was Dansk Glødelampefabrik A/S and when the factory started production there were 10 employees. The factory manufactured the full range of lamps from 10 to 300W. The brand DAN was recognised for products of the highest quality.

Modern production in the 1950s

In the beginning of the 1950s the production of incandescent lamps was increasingly automated and the factory in Aabenraa was falling behind internationally. The factory was manned with a stabile and skilled staff of employees, but did not have the production machinery to handle large-scale production. In 1951 a German engineer was employed to optimize production.

In 1966 the renowned Soren Madsen (SM™) bought Danlamp and changed the fate of the company in decisive ways.

Soren Madsen manufactured lamps in Copenhagen on a factory co-owned with Philips, but he was interested in a smaller factory for production of specialized lamps. Because of the increased competition on the world market Soren Madsen changed Danlamp’s strategy. Madsen invested in niche machinery and measuring equipment and changed the business focus to the international niche market for development and production of specialized light bulbs. Since then the export has risen to more than 80% of the total production.

Here you can read more about Soren Madsen

Growth and bright ideas

Søren Madsen introduced a number of innovative lamps for ships and traffic signals. Madsen invented the low voltage traffic signal that is still used in the whole of Northern Europe. He also introduced new stronger signal lamps for rail roads in several countries here amongst Denmark, Norway and England. His innovative strong lantern lamps achieved certification according to several international standards – and have the additional advantage that they fit in to the existing electrical fittings of the ships.

Søren Madsen changed the brand to SM, a name that would fast become a well-known and respected international brand – especially within the shipping industry.

In the 1970s the market for decorative lamps grew. The Danish Churches needed a decorative light source that was stronger and less flammable than the candle light. This once again led to an innovation from the hands of Søren Madsen – the electrical Church candle. The Church candle became an instant classic and is found in most Nordic Churches today. This was the starting signal for the fast-growing market for decorative incandescent lamps.

In 1998 the company changed its name to Danlamp A/S and in 2007 the current owner Jan Vesterlund took over. Jan Vesterlund had been employed in the company as a production manager for 10 years – so he knew what he was getting into.

A bright Spot in Europe

The leading lamp vendors are closing their European production facilities in large numbers and are moving to low wage countries in Asia. Danlamp is one of the few remaining guarantors of the European tradition of design and quality craft in the incandescent lamp industry. For European customers Danlamp offers close cooperation and a unique cultural understanding – that can be essential in the creation of tailor made lighting solutions that are beautiful, solid and sustainable.