A First Class Cruise

Hurtigruten offers magnificent travel experiences with comfortable cruise ships that have been developed specifically for the challenges of the North Atlantic. The trips go along the Norwegian coast, as well as to Spitsbergen and Greenland. It is essential for safety on board that the captain and crew of the company’s ships have full confidence in functionality and reliability when it comes to lamps and safety lighting.

More safety for your money

The approved quality products from SM Navigation lamps ensures safety on board. The bulbs longevity gives a good operating economy and ensures long intervals between replacements. It also means problem-free approval with ship inspections and peace of mind by meeting safety regulations at sea.

More than 80 years of safety

Danlamp has produced and marketed incandescent bulbs since 1931 and the company is a leading global supplier of functional safety and economic solutions to shipping. Danlamp only puts its name to thoroughly tested quality products, and the company’s stringent requirements for operational reliability and quality set new standards for professional lighting.

A strong business partner

Prolys supplies SM Navigation lamps to Norwegian shipping and the company has strong skills in technology and service. Prolys offers a very comprehensive range of SM Navigation lamps and the products are delivered across the country with very short delivery times.