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Danlamp has produced light sources since 1931 and today we are the only manufacturer of incandescent light bulbs in Denmark. This means that we have both the expertise and the passion for manufacturing beautiful and durable light sources tailored to your needs. Danlamp is passionate about producing decorative light sources for homes, businesses and churches. In addition, we produce highly specialized lamps for shipping and traffic signals.

Our expertise is, therefore. considerable, which means that we will always find the best light source for your purposes. So whether you need vintage bulbs, high intensity light sources for traffic and shipping or durable ship lanterns, then Danlamp has the light source you need.

“Incandescent bulbs coasy light and beautiful chandeliers create an elegant setting for our collections, and provides our stores just the expression we were looking for.“


Frederikke Rambusch, Universe & Visual Merchandise Manager at BY MALENE BIRGER A/S

Søren Madsen

Søren Madsen

Om Danlamp

In the period from 1966 to 1984 Danlamp was managed by one of the great pioneers of the lighting industry.

Soren Madsen advanced the development of the incandescent lamp in both quality and design and is now acknowledged as one of the masters of light.

For a long period Soren Madsen was the main supplier for the Danish state and all employees in the state could bathe in the light of the SM-lamp.

In 1962 Soren Madsen started a close partnership with Phillips and built a new light bulb factory.

For production of these and other lamps for professional use he bought Dansk Glødelampefabrik A/S in 1966 – later renamed Danlamp.

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Domicil in Aabenraa in Southern Jutland


in Aabenraa in Southern Jutland


We have produced incandescent bulbs since 1931


og lysløsninger af højeste kvalitet til flere brancher

Danlamp – Denmark’s only manufacturer of incandescent lamps

The reason why we are Denmark's only manufacturer of incandescent lamps is because we are highly skilled. Our products are durable, beautiful and we always employ the latest technology. We do not compromise when we manufacture light sources for both private and professional users. We will happily advise you about the lighting solutions that are right for precisely your needs.

With the right light source, you can create the right atmosphere in your home or shop so the room will be even more pleasant to be in. Incandescent light bulbs are the candles of our time, since they are more durable, are safer and less polluting. We produce different types but always of the same high quality. Our Danlamp SM navigation lights are known worldwide for their brightness, durability and good quality. They are, therefore, ideal for changing and harsh weather conditions.