We believe that the right light makes people happier
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Quality, durability and precision
- has been key words for us since Danlamp was founded in 1931. We work out of a love for Craftsmanship, and we are driven by the passion to create the right atmosphere with light bulbs, and assure a high level of safety at sea with approved Navigation bulbs.
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Resturant og café lighting
For more than 40 years, we have created the perfect atmosphere in cafés and restaurants.
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Event og music
Experience new possibilities and create your own style when setting the stage for your next event.
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Since 1931

In the period from 1966 to 1984 Danlamp was managed by one of the great pioneers of the lighting industry.

Soren Madsen advanced the development of the incandescent lamp in both quality and design and is now acknowledged as one of the masters of light.

For a long period Soren Madsen was the main supplier for the Danish state and all employees in the state could bathe in the light of the SM-lamp.
In 1962 Soren Madsen started a close partnership with Phillips and built a new light bulb factory.

For production of these and other lamps for professional use he bought Dansk Glødelampefabrik A/S in 1966 – later renamed Danlamp.

Popular Products

Danlamp - High quality light bulbs

If you're looking for signal lights for marine, railways, traffic signals, or lightbulbs for decorative lighting, you can rest assured that our light sources are quality lights with good durability and precision. We also offer tailored lightbulbs for both small and medium-scale productions. You can find more information about the topic/light sources you're looking for by clicking on one of the images below.

Here you will find the modern LED bulb.

LED bulbs

Light bulbs for stylish interior design

Incandescent lamp

Signal lights for ship lanterns



Since 1931 we have designed lighting all over the world and that made us what we are today.


A member of our team would be delighted to discuss your requirements. Call +45 74 62 22 66.

We know that light is more than just light

In 1972, the then-director, Søren Madsen, collaborated with Norsk Standard to develop new Navigation lamps. The Navigation lamp became known as a light source with optimal safety and maximum performance. Søren Madsen was already renowned as a pioneer in lighting sources, but further solidified his reputation when his Navigation lamp formed the basis for an entirely new standard, Standard NS 2785.

The passion and love for quality light sources that drove Søren Madsen are still a significant part of the culture at Danlamp today. We understand that lighting is much more than just illumination:

When selecting decorative lighting, it’s always with the aim of creating a good atmosphere, and when choosing approved Navigation bulbs, it’s always with the aim of enhancing safety and security at sea.

We believe that close dialogue leads to the best results in the end. Therefore, we always prioritize our customers’ wishes and needs and have a vision that being a customer with us should be easy. We work by the motto: “Do what you do best,” and it’s with that mindset that we create, develop, and produce our products.

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