Incandescent light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are incredibly popular right now because they fit beautifully into the stone décor which is so popular nowadays. The Incandescent light bulb is stylish in most lamps and chandeliers but can also be a lamp in itself – the incandescent lamp. The beautiful filament is both decorative and beautiful when it glows in the glass that can be developed in different shapes, tones and with effects. The bulb is available in multiple sizes. A large incandescent bulb is often a filament lamp, whereas small lamps can be used more diversely. They can also be used as filament lamps, where they are stylish when several hang together in bunches. We produce incandescent light bulbs in 2 socket sizes: E14 and E27.

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A beautiful incandescent bulb with a warm light

A standard incandescent bulb casts one’s mind back to the time when Thomas Edison created the first incandescent lamp. The historic atmosphere gives the room a cosy and magical atmosphere. The light from a standard incandescent lamp is warm, welcoming and cosy. Danlamp is a Danish incandescent lamp factory that started in 1931. This means that we are one of the most experienced and talented suppliers of light bulbs for decorative and technical purposes. We take pride in the manufacture of small and large incandescent light bulbs of the highest quality. We also supply cloth covered cables with stylish metal sockets in different colours. These fit an E27 incandescent lamp.

Jan Vesterlund

Jan Vesterlund

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