Candle bulbs

A candle light bulb creates atmosphere and celebration

Historically, candle bulbs have been used in everything from chandeliers to cooker hoods. Danlamp’s beautiful candle bulbs are meant to be seen so they should never be hidden away. A candle light bulb is known for its elongated form but can have a myriad of variations. Common to all of them is that the light is always warm and soft as if it came from a candle.

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Candle bulbs can create an atmosphere as if you were in a historic ballroom illuminated by candlelight alone. But, of course. developments have followed with time, so Danlamp also offers candle as LED filament bulbs that lasts significantly longer and is created with a focus on being energy-friendly. All candle bulbs are, however, first and foremost developed with a view to ensuring the right light.

From flame candle bulbs to crystal candle bulbs, Danlamp has them all

Two of the most popular candle bulbs are our flame candle bulb and crystal candle bulb. A flame candle bulb is designed for chandeliers, as the light from Danlamp’s candle flame bulb mimics candlelight to perfection. The bulb is also known as a “flame” bulb for the same reason. It is a fire resistant substitute for candlelight for every occasion.

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