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A classic Cloth Covered Fabric Cable creates a feeling of wholeness

Traditional cloth covered cables have had a huge comeback that has really taken off in connection with the expansion of vintage light bulbs as a light source. There is no reason to have a lamp shade that hides the beautiful bulbs. Instead, you can use a cloth covered cable with a socket to create a complete light source.

Fabric Cables are also called textile cables but the two designations apply to the same product. It is the perfect way to influence your home décor in a simple and personal way.
In addition to the cable, the socket also plays a significant role. At Danlamp we have, therefore, created a collection with metal sockets in brass, chrome, copper and black copper that all provide a classic appearance that radiates style and elegance.

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Traditional cloth covered fabric cables in modern colours

It need not be boring when you look at a cloth covered fabric cable with a socket as a substitute for a lamp shade. You can easily select a colour-dyed cloth covered cable that fits your home colours. Or perhaps as a colour feature in an otherwise minimalist home.
And, of course, you can also use the textile cables to highlight a beautiful lamp shade. There are no rules when it comes to creating just the right atmosphere in your home.

Completely classical is a black cloth covered cable used to create contrast between the light in the bulb and walls or furniture in the background. With a colour-dyed cloth covered cable, you also get a contrast but here the cable itself is also more visible.
Both parts are incredibly popular, so you only need to choose exactly the cable and socket that fit your dream home.

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