LED filament bulbs

LED filament bulbs are perfect for both the bedroom, the kitchen, businesses and events. Filament bulbs can provide the light you are looking for, regardless of whether it is a romantic light or a strong light for illuminating products.

An LED filament bulb has a high colour rendering index, which means that products can be seen in their right, natural colours. In addition, an LED bulb is flicker-free and needs no warm-up time, so it illuminates at full power right away. Your LED lightbulb provides a warm white light which provides a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

Environmentally friendly filament lightbulbs

Our filament lightbulbs have a very long life expectancy, lasting up to 20 times longer than the other kind of bulbs available on the market. This means that they are cheap and environmentally friendly because they consume less power. When you select LED filament light bulbs, you not only save on your energy bills, you also avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions to the environment.

Danlamp – filament led

Danlamp are light source experts which, of course. also applies to filament led. We produce bulbs to our usual high quality, so you can be sure that your lamp provides the best light. Our filament led is a versatile light source that can be used for most things. We do, of course, tailor our LED products to meet your needs.

Jan Vesterlund

Jan Vesterlund

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