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Are you a retail shop?

We believe that in the future, there will be a great need for retail shop with products that differentiate themselves from the large consumer market. Therefore, we see it as our noblest task to help you differentiate yourselves in the market.

If you own a specialty store with lighting, a lamp shop, furniture shop, or sell home decor, you may be interested in offering something different to your customers than what they can buy in, for example, the classic department stores or supermarket. Your customers may demand advice and products that are unique and tailored to their needs. That is precisely what we at Danlamp can help you achieve.

Lighting is no longer just lighting, and with our products comes a unique focus on delivering bulbs that create the perfect ambiance for your customers. At the same time, we also ensure to equip you with professional advice and the right presentation of the products, so you are prepared to meet your customers’ needs.

And it’s not something we just conjure out of thin air. With distributors in 23 countries, we are familiar with both local and international trends, and therefore, we can advise specifically within your area. We have a deep understanding of the culture of different customers, and we are ready to assist you.

Would you like to discuss how we see the opportunities for your shop and hear specific suggestions on what you can do? Then contact us today.

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Are you working with projects?

We believe that the right ambiance is crucial for the success of your projects. Whether you’re embarking on a major lighting project for a hotel, restaurant, or need to set the perfect mood for a concert, exhibition, or trade show, we are here to help. We have helped create the perfect atmosphere many times before, and we are happy to do it again. We have collaborated with lamp manufacturers and designers, where creating light sources that uniquely match their understanding of how ‘the right light’ should look is essential. If you believe in us, please contact us today.

Are you a wholesaler?

We believe that as a wholesaler, you play a vital role in the future of distribution networks, which are becoming increasingly digitized. At Danlamp, we work to make it easier for you with digital workflows and access to an updated product catalog with the latest products.

Solutions that are 100 percent tailored to your needs are what we strive for. We don’t focus on offering the most possible solutions but rather on providing those that are exactly right for you.

For 80 years, we have worked closely with wholesalers, and with decades of experience, we have developed a setup that simplifies workflows for our wholesalers.

Contact us today and let us be your sparring partner who knows how to comply with labeling and documentation regulations.

Jan Vesterlund

Jan Vesterlund

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