Vintage light bulbs hold endless decorative possibilities for the creative lighting designer. Danlamp cooperates with a number of respected architects and artists in the creation of beautiful and stylish manifestations of the warm and soft glow of the incandescent vintage bulb.

Danlamp develops decorative vintage bulbs in cooperation with our customers. These lamps function as unique Aesthetic Lighting objects and add mood and atmosphere. The Edison light bulb are great examples.

Retro light bulbs have a nice comeback

As energy saving lamps are becoming the dominant source of light in private homes the decorative led filament light bulbs changes status. The luminous flux of the incandescent lamp will soon secure these retro light bulbs the status that the candle light holds today. It is a decorative object in itself, as well as a potent tool for the orchestration of mood and atmosphere.


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The aesthetic potential of the incandescent light bulbs are currently explored in several main street shops in Copenhagen that are using chandeliers with vintage bulb and retro light bulbs to create an exclusive atmosphere.

Antique light bulbs from 1953

An example of Danlamp’s innovative approach to decorative lighting is the electrical church candle. Danlamp designed this Antique bulb in the 1950s and today it has replaced wax- and candlelight in many Nordic churches.
Danlamp has supplied Vintage light bulbs and Antique bulbs for Aesthetic Lighting to Tivoli, Legoland, Malene Birger and many other top companies.

For private customers Danlamp also offer tailor made decorative solutions in vintage bulb and retro light bulbs as long as the light functions as secondary room lighting.

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