Decorative light bulbs

Decorative light bulbs are always a bright spot

Decorative bulbs, as the name suggests, are intended to decorate and adorn.
Danlamp’s decorative light bulbs are available in several different design variants where both the bulb’s shape and its content are designed for a decorative purpose.
The light bulbs are also known under the name of retro bulbs, since they often have a very classical or retro design. At Danlamp, we have also focused on innovative alternatives which can satisfy our customer’s other requirements.

Our glow bulb is a good example of a decorative light bulb, which differs from all other bulbs. Here it is the light source itself in these decorative bulbs that are available in different patterns and colours. Perfect for a fun kid’s room or an alternative work of art in the living room.

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Beautiful decoration bulbs

In our range of beautiful bulbs we also have Decoration bulbs with LED filament. They are with the same warm and cosy light as traditional incandescent bulbs……but more friendly to Environment. With a decorative LED filament bulb you can save up to 90% energy and lifetime is 4-5 times longer.

Decorative led bulb – available in silver and gold.

In Danlamp’s collection of decorative led bulbs, you will find decorative incandescent bulbs in both silver and gold. A gold decorative led bulb provides a warm and golden light, while our silver decorative light bulb is played down and provides a whiter light.
Both decorative bulbs act as a decoration in any home and if you have both bulbs hanging, it provides an exciting interaction as a yin yang element. Regardless of the shape of decorative incandescent bulbs that you want for your home Danlamp has a bulb that can give the home something extraordinary.

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