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An Edison bulb is always the right choice

The recognizable design of our Edison bulbs have ensured the bulb a role as a true style icon. Thus, when you select an LED Edison light bulb, you get both a modern design element and a unique light source. Regardless of whether you have a raw or elegant style in your home, its iconic design fits perfectly into all settings.

Although the light from an antique Edison bulb is ideal to create hygge lighting, so that the bulb is also a design feature in your home when it is switched off.

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Historic presence with a modern design

Danlamp’s Edison collection is, of course, named after Thomas Edison. It is also only natural that he has a light bulb named after him since he invented the incandescent light bulb. The characteristic spike at the top of our Edison bulbs is directly inspired by the historic Edison incandescent bulbs, which he created in 1879.

Even something as historic and iconic as an Edison incandescent bulb must follow development and Danlamp has, therefore, now also created an Edison LED light bulb. With our LED Edison bulb, you get a much more energy friendly alternative – and of course without compromising on the quality of the light.

In order to meet the demand for both our huge bulbs and LED light sources as an alternative to the incandescent light bulb, we have also created an LED Mega Edison light bulb. Our globe bulbs are among the most popular in our entire range so an LED Mega Edison was, therefore, an obvious choice. It can without doubt also contribute a uniquely beautiful light in your home.

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