Edison lamp

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The most beautiful light bulb. When Thomas Edison created the first light bulb in 1879, the world was headed for brighter days – and we have developed the Edison bulb as a tribute to the great inventor.



Edison light bulbs casts a uniquely beautiful light on the surroundings and is ideal for use in outdoor lighting, in open lamps and as a free hanging bulb. Thomas Edison bulbs can be used to emphasize the mood of historic surroundings, but it is also a modern style icon.

Thomas Edison light bulb is designed with a smooth filament that adds a special radiance to the light.

Edison light bulbs can be used outdoor or indoors, where it is suitable for lighting at the dining table or as decorative lighting in smaller lamps. Power consumption for the Edison lightbulb can be reduced with the use of dimmers and Thomas Edison light bulbs works perfectly with all types of dimmers.

If you want to save energy then take a look at the LED Edison lamp