Danlamp A/S

Lundsbjerg Industrivej 65
6200 Aabenraa

+45 74 62 22 66

VAT:  DK 16 32 61 19
DUNS: 30-517-9830


Bank: Danske Bank
Reg. 3227 konto 11361706 
IBAN – DKK: DK91 3000 0011 361706
IBAN – EUR: DK49 3000 3229 141716
Søren Madsen

Søren Madsen

Om Danlamp

In the period from 1966 to 1984 Danlamp was managed by one of the great pioneers of the lighting industry.

Soren Madsen advanced the development of the incandescent lamp in both quality and design and is now acknowledged as one of the masters of light.

For a long period Soren Madsen was the main supplier for the Danish state and all employees in the state could bathe in the light of the SM-lamp.

In 1962 Soren Madsen started a close partnership with Phillips and built a new light bulb factory.

For production of these and other lamps for professional use he bought Dansk Glødelampefabrik A/S in 1966 – later renamed Danlamp.

"AAA" denotes the highest credit rating - a company with an excellent ability to meet current payment obligations.
Domicil in Aabenraa in Southern Jutland


in Aabenraa in Southern Jutland


We have produced incandescent bulbs since 1931