Church Lighting

Danish church lighting is very beautiful

On this page we will be presenting Danish churches that have beautiful lighting and other decorations. Churches in Denmark are known for their clean and uncluttered lines, whilst upholding a tradition for candles and incandescent bulbs that provide a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Væglampe i Refsvindinge kirke

Danlamp have made lighting for churches since 1953

The use of incandescent bulbs in Danish churches began in Grundtvig’s church in Copenhagen. A Danish church is presented on each of the pages with Danlamp electric church candles.

Løjt Church – Kliplev Church – Holbøl Church – Haderslev Cathedral – Dybbøl Church – Vester Sottrup Church – Broager Church – Øsby Church.

Ullerup Church

A simple and beautiful church in the south of Denmark. Churches in Denmark have a long tradition for being lit by candles, which results in a unique atmosphere inside the church. In Ullerup Church this atmosphere is recreated with church electric candles.

Hotel lighting

A good reception is about more than being a good host.

Restaurant lighting

We have created the perfect atmosphere for cafés and restaurants for more than 40 years.

Outdoor lighting

What does it take to create good outdoor lighting?

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