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Presenting cultural heritage in the best light with Danlamp’s solutions

As the owner of a historic or listed building, you and your group of owners know that you aren’t the only “owners” of your building.

Of course, according to the deed, you are the owners. However, from a historical, cultural and aesthetical perspective, we all own a small, symbolic part of your building. It’s part of our common cultural heritage. But then, you’re well aware of this fact.

You also know that being an owner of a historic or listed building carries with it certain obligations. There are very specific rules for restoration and reconstruction that are designed to ensure that the building’s cultural heritage is maintained for posterity in the original style.

It’s precisely because we and coming generations all have a small share in our common building cultural heritage that it’s even more important to convey it in the best possible manner.

It isn’t enough to simply uphold our cultural heritage: we also have to make it accessible and understandable. It’s important that we and our descendants really understand and appreciate the aesthetics, the architecture, the craftsmanship and the living history in these buildings.


Hotel lighting

A good reception is about more than being a good host.

Restaurant lighting

We have created the perfect atmosphere for cafés and restaurants for more than 40 years.

Outdoor lighting

What does it take to create good outdoor lighting?

Maximum lifespan – Low maintanence

At Danlamp, aesthetics and good craftsmanship are both our profession and our passion. Since 1931, we’ve provided lighting solutions that present our architectural cultural heritage and our churches in the best light. We still make incandescent light bulbs as Edison did – by hand and with love. However, as a result of new legislation, all our decorative bulbs for the European market are now produced with LED technology.

This doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality and the natural glow. Quite the opposite, in fact. We’ve used our great knowledge of incandescent light bulbs to develop an extensive range of high-end LED lamps for aesthetic and decorative use. The glow, representation of colour and quality of the light are exactly the same as that of incandescent lamps. They’re just more eco-friendly. And they’re still made by hand and with love.

At Danlamp, we ourselves are part of our architectural cultural heritage. From 1931 until 2014, our premises were the historic Dansk Glødelampefabrik in Nygade in the old quarter of Aabenraa. According to the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, the building is an important example of cultural heritage and industrial history.

We bring out the soul in every building

Our history, our philosophy and our traditions of craftsmanship support our deep understanding of how perfect, warm lighting can bring the aesthetics and craftsmanship in listed and historic buildings to the fore.

We have great experience of combining our extensive range of different light sources to highlight the soul of the particular building and underline the historical period in which the building was built – both in the details and in the building and its architecture as a whole. We therefore work with both indoor and outdoor lighting.
In addition to lighting solutions for the Danish Royal Theatre and the Wallmans Circus Building in Copenhagen, Danlamp has delivered a large number of lighting solutions to Danish churches.
In connection with the planning of restoration of listed buildings, in particular, you’ll find it valuable to draw on our advice at an early stage in the process.

Contact us today and let us help you present our common building cultural heritage in the best possible light.

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Jan Vesterlund

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