Make your chandelier even more beautiful with bulbs

Chandeliers are especially good with the use of decorative light bulbs, thus obtaining a warm light. Incandescent bulbs make your chandelier look even more beautiful and is a natural mood creator. Right now, it is very popular to use chandeliers for lighting in shops and at home, and again the incandescent light bulb shows its worth. The beautiful shape of incandescent bulbs makes them an ideal option for use in sconces and chandeliers, where the bulb is visible and there is a need for an overall impression of the design and lighting.


Chandeliers lightbulb in many designs

The warm and atmospheric lighting that chandelier lightbulbs provide, makes it ideal as a substitute for candles. Chandelier bulb is a classic and natural light that can be used when seeking an exclusive feel with a warm glow, e.g. in chandeliers and sconces.

Chandeliers have been used for lighting in many years. In the old times chandeliers were mainly used in stately homes and castles, that is in the finer layers of society. For a while then the chandelier became rather unfashionable and people were looking to create a cooler and brighter light with light sources such as fluorescent lamps. But gradually the chandelier and the warm cozy lighting that is achieved with this light source again became very popular, and now chandeliers are seen in all layers of society. You can still buy antique chandeliers various places including in antique shops. These antique chandeliers have a unique charm about them which fits beautifully into many different housing styles. The chandelier fits well in both a home with antique furniture as in a home with furniture in modern styles.

Twisted candle bulb with a long filament, perfect for use in chandeliers . The larger Church Candle bulb does really well in plain chande-liers and sconces. Candle bent tip works like a candle and developed especially for chandeliers.


In the old times candles were used in chandeliers to create both heat and light, but in more recent times bulbs are more often used in chandeliers. Incandescent bulbs provide a unique and warm light, which suits the overall expression of chandeliers well. Apart from the old, antique chandeliers, a lot of new chandeliers in various styles and at very different prices are now produced. As in the old days crystal chandeliers are still produced today.
Chandeliers were originally mostly produced in brass, silver or gold. Today chandeliers are produced from all sorts of materials, both the original metals but also plastics and other similar materials are used. The new chandeliers which are produced, often act with energy saving bulbs, but we recommend that you use incandescent bulbs to chandeliers in order to achieve a beautiful overall impression of the crown and to provide just the right lighting.

Decorative bulbs have a bright future

Incandescent bulbs are still produced and sold despite of rumors to the contrary. Our bulbs are designed for decorative purposes and therefore they can and will be produced although there may be restrictions for the original incandescent bulbs with time. Therefore, you can be sure that you can continue to purchase beautiful, decorative bulbs for your chandelier. Some have chosen to replace incandescent bulbs with other types of bulbs, mainly because of the relatively short lifespan of an incandescent bulb. However, the decorative incandescent bulb has a lifespan of 2-4 times longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs. In some cases such as with a chandelier aesthetics are often more important than the lifespan of the bulb and a chandelier with low energy light bulbs usually do not look very carried out. Additionally, incandescent bulb is also giving off some heat, giving the chandelier a more natural expression as well as providing a natural expression to the space it lights up. Church candle The larger Church Candle bulb does really well in plain chande-liers and sconces. The beautiful light is perfect with brass lamps.