Light bulb

A good light bulb is a unique Danlamp bulb

At Danlamp, we produce different types of light bulbs based on the traditional craftsmanship. A light bulb from Danlamp is partly produced manually, which means that you cannot expect your light bulbs to be 100% identical. Glass is extracted from a natural material, where small variations may occur. This means that your bulbs may have small non-uniformities. These witness that you have a light bulb of the highest quality.  We at Danlamp are inspired by our history when we develop and produce decorative light bulbs. We provide unique bulbs within the same design.

Large selection of light bulbs

At Danlamp we are suppliers of a large range of electric light bulbs of different types, wattages and sockets. Whether you need an E27, an E14 light bulb or a more unusual size, we are sure that we can provide exactly the electric light bulb you need. Our range of light bulbs covers aesthetic, marine and traffic light bulbs.  Regardless of what types of light bulb you purchase from us, you can be sure to get a high quality light bulb. If you have special needs or you have any questions about our electric light bulbs, then we would be happy to hear from you.

Hotel lighting

A good reception is about more than being a good host.

Restaurant lighting

We have created the perfect atmosphere for cafés and restaurants for more than 40 years.

Outdoor lighting

What does it take to create good outdoor lighting?

Which bulb do you like the most?

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Jan Vesterlund

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