Outdoor lighting

How do you welcome your guests?

Outdoor lighting is the first thing you encounter, when you visit your friends and acquaintances in the evening.

Typically, the lights are picked to match the design of the house… But how does the bulb light up inside the lamp? There are many things to consider, when you want to create good outdoor lighting.

What does it take to create good outdoor lighting?
The bulb has to match the lamp. Some lamps are more beautiful with an Edison bulb, while others need a big or oblong bulb in order to match the lamp.

Outdoor lighting is primarily about two things:

  • Creating a good atmosphere
  • Being able to see at night

Let’s begin with the latter. You can achieve this with fluorescent lamps, but you won’t achieve a good atmosphere. That’s why we recommend lighting with beautiful bulbs.


Hotel lighting

A good reception is about more than being a good host.

Restaurant lighting

We have created the perfect atmosphere for cafés and restaurants for more than 40 years.

Outdoor lighting

What does it take to create good outdoor lighting?

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Jan Vesterlund

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