Shop Lighting

Because the customers expect more

Keeping your customers is important, and you have to provide them with a good experience, when they walk around your shop.

The decor plays a major role, and it’s been a while since music became a part of the regular store experience. In some stores, the lights are but a necessity, but in reality, the lighting is quite important.

Shop lighting with LED bulbs

With the introduction of LED bulbs, shop owners face new challenges. It’s important to focus on more than just saving energy and low pricing. Think about the following:

  • How well are the correct colors being reproduced? – Color reproduction
  • Is the light warm or cold? – Color temperatures
  • Can you create a special universe? – Decorative bulbs

We have helped many shops create unique lighting with our incandescent and decorative bulbs. See our diamond bulb, that creates something truly special.

Mega Edison hvid

Hotel lighting

A good reception is about more than being a good host.

Restaurant lighting

We have created the perfect atmosphere for cafés and restaurants for more than 40 years.

Outdoor lighting

What does it take to create good outdoor lighting?

Jan Vesterlund

Jan Vesterlund

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